Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy April 2016 Newsletter | Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy NYC

April 2016 Newsletter

Happy April to all! With the new season comes the promise of new things:

  1. An article in the NYT discusses a recent advancement in ACL repair surgery: rather than a graft from the patellar or hamstring tendon, a bridge in the form of a sponge infused with patients red blood cells serves to unite the 2 torn ends of the ACL. Results 6-12 months out in the initial 10 participants proves promising, with a randomized controlled trial against the gold standard of ACL reconstruction in the works.
  2. On the subject of technology: Could your smartphone be contributing toward or aggravating your postural pain? The human head alone weighs approximately 10-12lbs. As the human head tilts forward--say to look at our phone or tablet--the forces at the neck to support the human head experience a surge. See for yourself.
  3. We have a new addition to our gym: the SCHROTH wall bar! Jon has recently been certified in the Schroth Method for scoliosis and kyphosis correction. The SCHROTH method aims to correct aberrant curvatures, rotation, and flattening of the spine through 3 dimensional visualization, positional breathing, isometric muscle contraction, and elongation.
  4. We have updated our DSPT Facebook and Instagram accounts! Each day we will be posting novel tips, exercises and other therapeutic interventions that we are utilizing in the clinic with our clients. Feel free to check out our posts and like what you see.

Remember - be mindful of your body's relationship to the double edged sword of technology. And for inquiries or booking an appointment, call DSPT today!