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December 2017 Newsletter

Happiest of Holidays this December 2017 season! Check out the fitness, science and health articles that we have curated to close out the year:

  1. Current research from the American Heart Association indicates that plant-based diets might be the best choice to reduce heart failure, even for people that haven't previously had cardiac conditions.
  2. According to the NYT, an interesting new study published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience suggests that combining intense exercise and brain training might, over time, amplify the benefits of both for the brain, even in people whose minds already are working well. Amazing how exercising BOTH our bodies and minds may provide the greatest boost to our memories, rather than exercise or brain training alone!
  3. In my Pelvic Floor clinical practice, I treat many an individual who has pain - in their pelvis, hip, abdomen, and/or lower spine. I find as time goes on without a proper diagnosis or treatment, the areas of the brain that control pain are more active. As a result of the exposure to repeated episodes of pain, patients without appropriate diagnoses become more sensitive and thus experience higher levels of pain. In particular, this recent article on pelvic Pain w/ Endometriosis discusses the physiological as it relates to the neurological mechanisms for influencing chronic pain.

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