Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy July 2013 Newsletter | Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy NYC

July 2013 Newsletter

Hope you had a great June. We have 3 things for you in this month's newsletter.

  1. How much do you love your high heels? We know fashion is an important aspect of peoples jobs and social life, but it can cause a lot of physical problems. Check out this infographic on some of the adverse effects of high heels on the body. And if you already have pain you should check out this article and book an appointment.
  2. Try this month's exercise and free your hamstrings. Best part about this exercise is that you can do this while sitting down, drinking an ice cold lemonade and watching the All-Star game this summer.
  3. Do you really need to do that extra set of box jumps? Is running that extra mile really going improve your endurance? According to new research the answer is no. Fatigue has been shown to cause poor lower extremity biomechanics. This means when you get tired a cascade of dangerous events occur: you start to compensate, your movement becomes less efficient, the wrong muscles jump in, and you put yourself at a greater risk for injury.