Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy July 2015 Newsletter | Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy NYC

July 2015 Newsletter

Happy July! We have 6 things for you in this month's newsletter.

  1. Get outside and open up the blinds - Artificial Light Regulates Fat Mass.
  2. If you can't play golf without pain, you should schedule an appointment with us. Then maybe give this swing a try. And if you're Jason Day, you should book a vestibular appointment with Pete.
  3. 10 Advanced Bodyweight Strength Exercises
  4. "There is but one disease, and its name is stagnation" -Paracelsus
  5. Diet is important. The microbiome may be a culprit of joint pain. And the FDA finally banned artificial trans fats.
  6. Hip strength cures chronic ankle instability and helps you win NBA championships. Try starting with this one.

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