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June/July 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to Summer everyone! Scroll below to see what's in this June/July Newsletter:

  1. Data from this recent study suggest that mental training of almost any kind may help to alleviate some of the emotional and cognitive strains that otherwise occur during physical training. So, if we plan to substantially ramp up our normal exercise routine, perhaps in anticipation of our first triathlon or a faster 5-kilometer race time, we might wish also to learn to mindfully meditate, so as to maintain the ability to focus toward achieving training goals.
  2. When it comes to managing pain from an injury or post-operatively, we as healthcare practitioners initially look to facilitate the body's natural healing processes, in the most clinically effective way possible, with maximal patient comfort/ease. A recent Australian study showed the effectiveness of acupuncture in providing acute analgesia to individuals with back pain as well as ankle sprains, comparable to that of pharmacotherapy/drugs!
  3. One of our favorite ways to embrace summertime is to enjoy the seasonal produce! Whether you're looking for a heart-healthy recipe or quick n' easy appetizer, eating healthfully in the summer months can be simple and delicious. Check out some of our Food&Wine summer picks!

We at DSPT are here to help you on your journey to a full and active life this summer. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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