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May 2015 Newsletter

Happy May! The warm weather is finally here! Which means many people pull out their sneakers and start to run. This is great because more people are active and healthy. But unfortunately, it's one of our busier times of the year due to inadequate preparation and mechanical compensations. Try these 5 tips to stay injury free.

  1. Our 3 Favorite Strengthening Exercises for Runners - Single Leg Squat, Single Leg Deadlift, Hip Clocks
  2. The 3 Areas Where Most People Need More Mobility - Ankles, Hips, Thoracic Spine
  3. Most Common Technique Faults We See During Running Analysis - Overstriding, Excessive Vertical Motion, Decreased Thoracic Rotation
  4. A Run-Walk isn't just for beginners. Check out Jeff Galloway's running method.
  5. 5 Ways Acupuncture Can Help with Running Injuries

We perform a comprehensive Running Analysis that involves joint mobility examinations, strength tests, functional movement assessments, and a running technique evaluations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call us today to schedule!

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