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May 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the month of May.

  1. New research regarding the post-pregnancy complication of diastasis recti (separation of roughly 2.5cm/1in or greater between the two sides of the rectus abdominis) has been put forth by Diane Lee, PT. This isn't just an issue for postnatal women; children, men and women who've never given birth can also develop Diastases!
  2. Rather than chase our pain, or solely focus on its elimination, it's more beneficial to focus on the improvement to one's quality of life. Pain ratings aren't necessarily a reflection of tissue damage or sensation intensity in patients. Check out the American Chronic Pain Association's stand-in scale for the traditional pain-intensity scale, which assigns meaning more to the quality-of-life associated with the pain.
  3. I recently took a Pilates for Pelvic Floor course with Martina Hauptmann, PT (@hookedonpilates) via the Herman & Wallace institute. Not only was it an awesome and informative course, but SO MANY of the exercises and principles taught to me, I found applicable beyond pelvic floor dysfunction: many exercises can be used to address impairments in the neck, shoulders, back and hips! This is due to the anterior fascial lines (both deep, spiral and superficial) that connect and integrate one muscular/joint/bony system with another.
  4. Mila, our acupuncturist will be traveling to Morocco this month to provide health and healing services for those in need. Check it out, feel free to support her endeavor and wish her well!

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