Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy November 2014 Newsletter | Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy NYC

November 2014 Newsletter

Congratulations to all of our NYC Marathoners!

Hope you had a great October! We have 5 things for you in this month's newsletter.

  1. "Aerobic exercise at approximately 70% of maximal aerobic capacity moderately reduces pain sensitivity and attenuates pain, even after a single session".
  2. "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." -Aristotle
  3. Did you feel any knee pain when you watched Victor Cruz tear his patellar tendon? It might also be your mirror neurons.
  4. One sugar packet has 4 grams of sugar. Look at the label of the next thing you eat. See how many "sugar packets" were added.
  5. If everyone rode their bike to work we might not have an obesity epidemic. Here's why riding a bike makes you a better person.

Pete has been resolving patients dizziness on a weekly basis. If you, or anyone you know, are having vestibular symptoms have them book an appointment at DSPT for a quick fix.