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November 2016 Newsletter

November has arrived! And that means time changes with daylight savings, as well as governmental changes with the upcoming election. Time to let things fall away and begin anew, so let's jump to the new health insights featured in this month's newsletter:

  1. As we turn the clock back, we are reminded of the benefits of a good night's rest with that extra hour the evening brings. Conversely, insufficient amounts of sleep are detrimental to our dietary consumption choices--resulting in increased fat and sugar consumption over protein!
  2. According to recent MRI research, the culprit for astronauts' low back pain during and following their space missions is NOT the increased swelling of their intervertebral discs in the absence of gravity, as was previously thought. MRI scans of the astronauts (post space mission compared to pre) revealed a nearly 20 percent loss of mass in the paraspinal muscles, which help support and prevent misalignment of the spine and enable rotation movements. It's information like this that really drives home the importance of physical movement and activity in maintaining a healthy spine, regardless of you're an astronaut or office worker!
  3. In an election Op-Ed article the other day by the NYT, it was noted that the encouragement to think about election-day logistics increased voter turnout. It sounds so brainless that it barely seems worth mentioning, but research in other areas of psychology has shown how important very specific plans are if you want to turn your good intentions into actions. And in our line of work, we try to implement these strategies to empower patients to achieve their therapeutic goals.

We here at DSPT are here to guide and motivate you during your healing process towards a healthier, pain free, and more productive you. Give us a call to let us know what we can do for you!