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November 2017 Newsletter

Here's to kicking off the start of the holiday season this November! Check out the fitness, science and health articles that we have curated for you this month:

  1. A client of mine shared an interesting article with me on the Feldenkrais Method in managing and treating chronic pain. Fascinating that in becoming aware of how one's body interacts with its surroundings and making the effort to behave in less stressful ways, it's possible to relinquish habitual movement patterns that cause/contribute to chronic pain!
  2. As New Yorkers, rest/relaxation is often a challenge to come by! However that does not mean that one shouldn't skimp on getting a good night's rest. With any pain condition, alignment and proper positioning is key in avoiding flare ups - especially when the position we are in is to be maintained for a prolonged period of time, such as in sleep. With proper support in whatever sleeping position, as well as an adequate mattress and pillow(s), we can help our bodies to rest and recover to face another NYC day!
  3. With the holidays right around the corner, it can be tricky to maintain healthy eating habits. Interestingly, the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables are not only limited to the physical - there are mental/psychological benefits as well. So don't just eat right for your body, but also your mind.

We at DSPT are here to help you on your journey toward healing your whole self, mind and body. Give us a call to see what we and our network of health care providers can do for you!

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