Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy October 2013 Newsletter | Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy NYC

October 2013 Newsletter

Hope you had a great September.

We have had a fantastic month as we have finally moved into our brand new space on 39th Street! We are loving are new location and are glad we can offer a better rehab experience to our patients. Check out the latest updates and pictures on our facebook page and stay tuned for our Open House Wed. October 30th.

And of course, here are our 3 helpful tips for you this month:

  1. Here's an interesting perspective on the psychological benefits of yoga. "I came to realize that yoga works not because the poses are relaxing, but because they are stressful. It is your attempts to remain calm during this stress that create yoga's greatest neurobiological benefit."
  2. Having trouble sleeping, but worried about the addictive effects of pharmaceuticals? Try exercise. Excerpt from the study: "At the end of that time, the volunteers in the exercise group were sleeping much more soundly than they had been at the start of the study. They slept, on average, about 45 minutes to an hour longer on most nights, waking up less often and reporting more vigor and less sleepiness."
  3. Want to learn how to squat? Want to improve your technique to increase your strength? Want to prevent injuries? Then check out the Goblet Squat and avoid the 2 most common mistakes.