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October 2017 Newsletter

Happy Fall Season and welcome to October! Check out the fun science and health facts that await!:

  1. Traditionally, Fibromyalgia is considered to be a "central sensitivity syndrome" where central sensitization is regarded as the cause of pain in its own right. Recent research reviews, however, are trending towards a more global model that examines cognitive/emotional and social mechanisms and how they interact with neural (brain and nerve systems).
  2. Recent research out of UCLA by Alison Ledgerwood (in her TED Talk) points out that we can retrain or intentionally reshape the stories in our mind to be more positive, either through verbal rehearsal or writing. Especially important in boosting one's positive outlook when the fundamental tendency is to tilt towards the negative.
  3. Tiny molecules in the brain may help gut bacteria hijack people's emotions by altering the inventory of microRNA proteins in areas of the brain that are involved in controlling anxiety

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